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You can contact directly the French-language Catholic school in your school district.

To identify the French-language Catholic school in your district, use the school district finder.

Carefully read the Admission criteria section of our Internet site before completing the on-line form and forwarding it to the Planning Service for processing.

The French-language Catholic school in your school district will contact you to complete your registration on site.

Make sure you have in hand all the required documents when you come to the school so you can complete your registration.

Documents for presentation

The following documents must be presented when registering:

  • birth certificate
  • baptism certificate
  • Immigration entry card (IMM) and passport for the student, where applicable
  • copy of the immunization card
  • proof of residence
  • most recent report card (if the student comes from another school)

You must also provide the following information:

  • name of parents or guardians
  • residential address and full contact information

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