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The French-language Catholic schools of the Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir are welcoming places where each student finds his place and where the Gospel values are experienced and conveyed each and every day.

Wishing to nurture greater solidarity in the community, the Csc MonAvenir offers settlement services for newcomer students and their families in the Peel-Halton region, in Toronto, through an agreement with the Centre francophone de Toronto, and also in Hamilton and Niagara, in partnership with the Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton-Niagara.

Settlement workers are in our schools to orient and accompany students and their family by helping them to become better acquainted to life in Canada and to integrate into their new environment.

Services available:

  • One on one meetings with students and their family;
  • Student and parents orientation in order to adapt to the Ontario education system and to Canadian life;
  • Informational workshops for parents and mentors;
  • Training sessions for school personnel;
  • Assistance in cultural understandings for parents and school staff;
  • Referral of newly arrived families to the various settlement services available in the community.

This program is offered with the financial support of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC).


For more information on the settlement services for newcomers offered in our schools or to make an appointment:

Peel et Halton

Contact Person:

ÉSC Sainte-Famille, ÉÉC Ange-Gabriel and ÉÉC St-Jean-Baptiste

Vitia Buaba Zam, Settlement Worker
1910 Broad Hollow Gate
Mississauga (Ontario)
L5L 3T4

Contact Person:

ÉÉC du Sacré-Coeur, ÉÉC René-Lamoureux, ÉÉC St-Nicolas, ÉÉC Ste-Jeanne-d’Arc, ÉÉC Ste-Marie and ÉÉC St-Philippe

Mélika Fontaine, Settlement Worker
1910 Broad Hollow Gate
Mississauga (Ontario)
L5L 3T4

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