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CSDCCS’ schools: the place to be!
Publié le 4 septembre 2012

Toronto, September 4, 2012 – More than 14,500 students are following the path of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS) on this first day of school. From Port Colborne to Peterborough, and from Toronto to Penetanguishene, the students and staff at the 51 schools within the CSDCCS proclaim far and wide: “CSDCCS’ French Catholic schools are the place to be!”

The 2012-2013 school year is off to a great start for the CSDCCS with the opening of three Catholic schools long-since requested by local families. École secondaire catholique Saint-Frère-André in the heart of Toronto has finally opened its doors, after numerous efforts to open the first French-language Catholic high school south of the 401. École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-de-la-Huronie in Collingwood opened its doors in record time, less than 10 months after being announced, as residents in the region claimed their right to French-language education. The CSDCCS sprang into action by opening offices at a temporary site, and the school is now being attended by its first cohort of more than 50 students. In this part of Huronia, French voices are being heard far and loud! The students and personnel at École du Sacré-Cœur in Toronto are gathering at a new address on Essex Street in a fully renovated building that is conducive to learning, which is precisely what the school community and board have wanted for several years now.

In addition to these new schools, numerous other projects are underway:

  • Start of work on the new Catholic elementary school on Meadowvale St. in Toronto East. Opening is scheduled for September 2013;
  • Start of work on the new building for the Saint-Noël-Chabanel Catholic elementary school, on Thistle Down Street. Opening is scheduled for September 2013;
  • Start of work on the Halton Catholic secondary school. Opening is scheduled for September 2013;
  • Acquisition of a building and lot for the construction of the M-12 school in Stouffville;
  • Purchase of the Richview elementary school in Etobicoke for a new French-language Catholic elementary school in Toronto West;
  • Extension of the George-Étienne-Cartier Catholic elementary school in Toronto and Sainte-MargueriteBourgeoys Catholic elementary school in Brantford.

“We are proud to be investing in the future this year by opening schools that respond to the needs and demands of Francophone parents in central-southern Ontario,” declared Yves Lévesque, chair of the CSDCCS. “It is our duty to act swiftly when parents wish to exercise their right to access French-language Catholic education. This is what we are doing and what we will continue to do in all of the regions of our territory that are not presently being served.”

By proclaiming loud and clear that “It’s all happening here!” the CSDCCS school community is sharing the very best of what it has to offer: a welcoming and inclusive environment that is focused on academic excellence and progressive discipline; an academic environment and teaching that are anchored in the values of the Gospel as presented by the Catholic Church; an environment where French language is spoken with pride and treated with respect. CSDCCS’ schools have everything to enable each student to succeed and thrive!

“I am very proud to be working with the best team of professionals who are doing their utmost to ensure the success of all students”, explained Réjean Sirois, Director of Education. “Together, we are offering the very best in education – our results attest to this. The sustained growth in the number of students in our schools demonstrates the extent to which parents are recognizing the value of a French-language Catholic education for their children,” he concluded.

Today, the Director of Education is touring several schools. First, he will visit École secondaire catholique SaintFrère-André on Lansdowne Avenue in Toronto, where he will greet the very first cohort of students together with the school principal, Hader Ibrahim. He will then go to École élémentaire catholique du Sacré-Cœur in Toronto before heading to Collingwood for the end of the first day of classes at École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-de-laHuronie.

Follow Réjean Sirois live all day on Twitter and Facebook as he celebrates the first day of school with CSDCCS’ students and staff.

All staff members and trustees join together in wishing students and parents an excellent school year 2012-2013.

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