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CSDCCS Schools: the Centre of Vitality of Durham’s Francophone Community
Publié le 7 octobre 2013

journee-du-drapeau_2012-2013Whitby, October 4th, 2013 – At the beginning of this school year, the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS) is adding its voice to those of all francophone organizations in Durham Region that are in favour of the area receiving a designation under the French Language Services Act. The CSDCCS is reiterating its position, while the Regional Municipality of Durham will receive a report that recommends it reject the request from Durham’s francophone community and not to support the designation.

The CSDCCS has four schools within the large Durham Region. For many years now, these schools have experienced a continuous growth in enrolment. This year more than 1,625 students are attending CSDCCS schools in the area, an increase of more than 4% in relation to the previous year.

For more than 50 years, these schools have been the gathering places of Durham’s francophone community. The CSDCCS school community grew commensurately with the waves of immigration and newcomers to the region. For many francophones who grew up in the area, French Catholic School is the true heart of the community. This is the case of the first French school in Oshawa: École élémentaire catholique Corpus-Christi, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this month. More than 2,000 young francophones went to this school since its opening in 1963!

The CSDCCS and its schools in Durham are working diligently with several francophone organizations in the region to provide students and their families with quality services in French. This is the case, for example, with the ACFO of Durham-Peterborough and the COFRD, which offer a range of services and cultural activities. The CSDCCS is working very closely with the francophone branch of Catholic Family Services at the support, prevention and awareness level. The Conseil is also assisting Health Unit #4 plan health services that meet the needs of francophones.

« All francophone communities should have access to quality services in French, according to the president of the CSDCCS, Nathalie Dufour-Séguin. Durham Region is one of the regions that should be placed under the French Language Services Act. This designation would contribute immensely to the growth of this community. »

« The existing report of the Regional Municipality of Durham does not reflect the strong francophone presence in the Durham Region », claims Olga Lambert, School Councillor for the region. « Our elected officials must take into account the important financial, cultural and social contribution that francophone citizens have made for over 50 years. »

« The CSDCCS schools in Durham Region are models of both reception and integration », states Réjean Sirois, Director of Education. « The growing number of students shows that more and more parents from Durham, and from the whole CSDCCS territory, want their children to benefit from a quality French education and shape their identity as francophones with a view to becoming citizens of the world. »

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EQAO 2012-2013: More CSDCCS students on the road to success
Publié le 18 septembre 2013

École élémentaire catholique Mgr-Jamot among the schools cited

Toronto, September 18, 2013 – Proud of its commitment to excellence, the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS) ensures the success of a record number of pupils. This is what the 2012-2013 results of the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), released today, demonstrate. This year the CSDCCS has seen up to 92% of its students reach or surpass the provincial standards at the elementary level.

The CSDCCS results are as follows:

Percentage of CSDCCS students that have reached or surpassed the provincial standard














Grade 3


72 %

80 %

81 %

84 %

86 %

86 %

74 %

78 %

79 %


Grade 6


84 %

90 %

92 %

83 %

86 %

88 %

83 %

83 %

82 %

The analysis of the results highlights the following points:

  • The success rate of CSDCCS students at the elementary school level has been growing steadily for the past six years, up to 17% in reading in grades 3 and 6 compared with 2007/2008. The results are all, with one exception, higher than the provincial results.
  • CSDCCS students have distinguished themselves particularly in the French language, in grade 3 as much as in grade 6, while up to 92% have reached or surpassed the provincial standards, a higher rate than ever.

« I am particularly proud of our students, as they have once again produced results that are among the best in the province », emphasized Nathalie Dufour-Séguin, CSDCCS Chair. Every day the CSDCCS places its students at the heart of its priorities and strategies, and we can now see the fruits of our labour. I would like to thank the members of the French Catholic community and the parents who acknowledge the work that is being accomplished and who continue to place their trust in us. »

« The steady improvement in the CSDCCS results of the EQAO tests is due to the leadership and hard work of all of the staff », claimed for his part Réjean Sirois, Director of Education. « I applaud the remarkable work of each one of you for the success of all of the students ».

The EQAO tests measure student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics in relation to the expectations and the content of the Ontario curriculum.

The EQAO results help school boards identify areas that need special attention in order to improve teaching and learning. The CSDCCS studies the results of its students, incorporates the analysis into its operational plan, and, for each of its schools, determines the most viable direction that will allow a more focused and better-adapted intervention suited to the needs of the students.

This year, 14 schools that use the EQAO results have been highlighted. These schools stood out through their leadership and their initiatives to help every student succeed. The CSDCCS is very proud that the École élémentaire catholique Mgr-Jamot (Peterborough) has been cited as an example this year. The report on École Élémentaire Catholique Mgr-Jamot can be found here.

Detailed information pertaining to this year’s results are available on the official EQAO website at

For 24,000 students and their parents, French-language Catholic schools are the place to be! With more than 15,000 students in CSDCCS schools and another 9,000 in Conseil scolaire de district des écoles catholiques du SudOuest (CSDĒCSO schools), the French-language Catholic school system is the number one choice in South Central and South Western Ontario. CSDCCS offers a welcoming and inclusive milieu which truly reflects the Franco-Ontarian community of the 21st century. CSDCCS schools are founded on academic excellence and provide a school experience rooted in Christian values and a rich and inclusive learning environment.   



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Back to school 2013: Together, reaching new heights! 4 new schools and 15,000 students
Publié le 3 septembre 2013

Toronto, September 3, 2013 – Over 15,000 students will be attending the schools of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS) on this first day of school. From Port Colborne to Peterborough, from Toronto to Collingwood, the 54 CSDCCS schools are the backbone of Ontario’s growing French community.

 In September 2013, the CSDCCS will continue to grow with the opening of two new Catholic schools for eligible families who have long claimed their rights in this regard.

  • This morning, École élémentaire catholique Saint-Michel will be greeting its first students at 29 Meadowvale Road in Scarborough. Located in an enchanting environment, the school has a unique architecture with many energy efficient characteristics, such as two green roofs and many skylights.
  • In North Toronto, students and staff members from École élémentaire catholique Saint-Noël-Chabanel are getting ready to move into a brand new building located at 30 Thistle Down Blvd. This new school shares the same layout as the Saint-Michel school. The move will take place in the Fall;
  • École élémentaire catholique Etobicoke welcomes its first kindergarten students in the old Richview school, renovated for them, at 59 Clement Road,. A new school will be built on the same parcel of land to welcome up to 350 students from kindergarten to grade 6;
  • In Oakville, École secondaire catholique Sainte-Trinité will be receiving over 170 students from Grade 7 to Grade 9. The new school is located in the heart of Halton Region, a territory that has seen a great increase in the number of families wishing to take advantage of a Catholic education in French

By having a French catholic school close to their home, parents are not hesitant to send their children there, states Nathalie Dufour-Séguin, Chair of the CSDCCS. They know they will find a solid education based on the Christian values emphasized by the Catholic Church; values that drive us to surpass ourselves and to take up causes in the hearth of the modern world. By establishing schools in areas where families did not have access to French Catholic education, CSDCCS contributes to the development of the French community in southcentral Ontario.

Among the new families who registered their children in French language Catholic schools, the CSDCCS is welcoming many students from Egypt who arrived in Canada over the last few weeks. In solidarity with its Christian brothers and sisters, CSDCCS has set up a system in the schools involved in order to facilitate the integration of these new students and their families into the school system, as is already done for all new immigrants. Across the Greater Toronto Area, the whole CSDCCS team is supporting these new families by offering them guidance and practical support to ensure that their children might enter school harmoniously and feel at home. This is particularly important for some of the families who had to leave almost everything behind.

I am proud to work with a team of professionals who fully devote themselves to offer high quality education and school facilities designed with students and 21st century learning methods in mind, notes Réjean Sirois, Director of Education. By proclaiming first and foremost that « together we will reach new heights », the CSDCCS shows that every member of the school community is working to ensure that their Catholic school is a learning place focused on academic excellence and discipline on a human scale.

Today, the Director of Education completed a tour of many schools. He first visited École élémentaire catholique Saint-Michel on Meadowvale Road, where he greeted the very first group of students along with the school director, André Savard and CSDCCS Chair and Trustee for Toronto North, Nathalie Dufour-Séguin.

He then visited École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys in Brantford where major expansion work has just been completed. Students and staff took possession of 5 new classrooms besides a new literacy room and a new music class. The school will now be able to house close to 150 more students.

The day ended at École secondaire catholique Sainte-Trinité in Oakville with the completion of the ice-breaking activities and the students departure.

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The staff and the school trustees wish students and parents an excellent 2013-2014 school year.


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